Are you a small business ready to take your website to the next level?

You have created your website and now you want to be found on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all other search engines.

We realized that small businesses do not have a say in today market and SEO providers have become expensive and untouchable for small businesses.

Here at NetSiteWeb – we are open with what we are offering, you do not enter in a long contract with us and we do not charge you as you seem fit, but we offer transparent prices.

If you are unhappy with our business you can simply quit, there is no one-year commitment.

If you like our work, and our reports we know that you will remain with us for at least one year until your business is successful and even after.

We are focusing on websites that are small and struggling.

We know how hard is to make money and we understand that not everyone has $1500 monthly for SEO.

So here are some questions we are answering and we believe that our answers will convince you to work with us over another website that promise a lot and deliver nothing.

How will you improve our SEO?

There are three phases:

Phase1 Month One: We are auditing your website, find the most relevant keyword, analyze for duplication content, or thin content, advise you if it is necessary to change your metatags or not. We will create a very descriptive metatag targeting your most important keywords this is called on-page optimization.

If your website has already metatags in place and are good, then we will not change them If you already are ranking in google for certain pages and keywords we will not change it and we will try to keep your page unchanged so you do not lose rank.

Phase two Month two:

We will focus on content creation necessary for link building. If your website lacks necessary pages to be linked to we will advise you to create certain pages with certain title and metatags.

Phase three month two: We will reach to blogs and websites in your niche to help promote your business, there will be articles written and links posted in blogs that have at least a page authority of DA20.

We will send monthly reports of your website visibility and keyranks. Also, there will be clear reports where we posted links that link to your website.

If you want online presence global we will do it only global, if you also have a small brick and mortar store, restaurant, embroidery- etc we will also work on your Local SEO.

Do you adhere to Google Guideline? Absolutely. We will work only white hat SEO. After 15 years working for a large SEO company, we understand how important is a good SEO approach that respects all the google updates.

We will not engage in link farming or any shady practice that will put at risk your website.

Do you have contracts or a minimum term?

No contracts but a 3 months minimum are necessary to do all three steps. If after three months you can not continue to be with us, you will not need to pay your bill, but if you like our work we will start a month to month payment- which you can cancel anytime. After 12 months your business will likely become stronger and needs a more heavy approach on SEO, so the prices are getting higher as competition is getting fierce.

 What reports should we expect each month?

Reports on the visibility of tracked keywords, improvements in results for tracked keywords, work completed (including all links) and what is next step for next month.

How long will take to see progress?

Large SEO company says that 12 months will see improvement, we think that 6 months will be an excellent indicator if we are doing good or not.

We are convinced that your company will be in the top search engine for many of the selected keywords.